ShipRiteTM Software is the industry's leading developer of retail shipping systems and point-of-sale (POS).

ShipRIte Global Connect

Shiprite Global Connect

In 1990, J. Mark Ford opened his first ShipRiteTM Mail & Parcel Center in Cicero, NY.

ShipRite Winner

ShipRiteTM Global Connect

ShipRiteTM Software is the leading developer of Point of Sale for the retail shipping industry. ShipRite Global Connect is the flagship product used in retail shipping centers throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Features include a complete Point of Sale, Inventory Manager, Multi-carrier shipping, Mailbox Rental Manager, package and mail check in and check out. SGC is in use in many different types of retail shipping outlets:

  • Mail & parcel stores
  • Shipping Franchises
  • Self Service Storage
  • Small to medium size shippers
  • University & College Mail operations

Whether you’re buying your first POS system or looking for something leaner and more powerful, ShipRiteTM Software provides you with a solution that outshines our competitor. In addition to giving you more product in one software, we don’t over-inflate our price. We take pride in keeping our price low, without sacrificing quality or quantity.

Our goal has been to provide a POS system that does it all, without the need for buying other software and hardware for what we have made a simple task: Providing your customers with fast, reliable service that can offer them cost effective shipping options in a matter of seconds.

With ShipRite Global Connect, you will not need:

  • Cash Register
  • Credit Card Machine
  • Postage Meter
  • Carrier Software
  • Mailbox management system

Our clients can avoid compatibility issues between software and hardware by purchasing our complete POS systems, and taking advantage of having a support network for both ends under one roof.