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PAR Technology’s Everserv 7000

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In 1990, J. Mark Ford opened his first ShipRiteTM Mail & Parcel Center in Cicero, NY.

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PAR Technology’s Everserv 8300

Our flagship system is the PAR Everserv 8300. This system features a 15″ touchscreen monitor, built in credit card swiper, AND an 8.0″ customer facing touchscreen display. If you want a fully loaded POS offering top performance day after day, year after year, Everserv is for you. This premium POS terminal offers a full complement of state-of-the-art features including:

  • Attention-getting 8.0” customer display to drive product trial and up-sell opportunities.
  • Easily customizable platform with integral barcode scanner, customer insert card reader, and more

This customer monitor has several purposes. First of all, it will provide for cross promotion in your store. If the system is idle for 30 seconds or more, it will display advertisements. These ads can be as simple as a JPG file, or as complex as a Macromedia Flash display.

During a sale, the system provides total information on the sale for the customer to monitor. In the multicarrier shipping screen, all choices are displayed so the customer can view their choices on service and carrier. It will also display the SHIP TO address so the customer can visually verify the address.

While in the normal cash register mode, it displays the receipt to the customer on one side, and your advertising on the other. Since this Everserv is a Windows 10 Pro based computer, you may load any other software you wish onto this system.

Hardware Support: PAR Technology provides 24/7 support on the Everserv 8300. Also, on site within 4 hrs (to most metropolitan areas) upon key PAR hardware failure. This is included in your first year. After the first year, you can continue on PAR support for $250 per year, per PAR terminal. So if your touchscreen monitor dies in year 5, you are covered.


ShipRite’sTM Best Package featuring the PAR Technology Everserv 8300 Point-of-sale terminal with an 8.4″ customer-facing display.

Package includes:

  • 2.2 Ghz Pentium Dual Core G620T Processor
  • 4 GB Memory
  • 320 GB Hard Drive
  • 15” Surface Capacitive Touch Screen Windows 10 Professional
  • 8” Customer Facing Screen
  • 4×6 Label Printer
  • Receipt PrinterDYMO Postage Printer
  • Laser Report Printer
  • Cash Drawer with POS PlatformBarcode Scanner
  • Fairbanks 150lb bench Scale
  • Free Shipping!!!

Price: $5699.00

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**Prices above do not include the license fee of ShipRiteTM Global ConnectTM software.   Our license fee is $85 per month or $975 annually.  Ask about our FREE upgrade from PostalMate!