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DHL Setup



This section covers carrier setup for DHL. To access the carrier setup:

  • From the ShipRite main menu, click the ‘Setup’ tab, then click ‘General Setup Options’.
  • Next, click the ‘Carrier Setup’ tab to the right.
  • From the Carrier Selection menu, choose which carrier to setup.



1. Setup DHL Account Number

You have to perform this task on the server computer.

  • Go to Setup > General Setup Options > Carrier Setup > DHL-I.
  • Enter in your DHL account number. Also in this same screen verify that you have the correct rate type selected (RS1, RS2, or RS3).
  • Click the “Update Now” button.


2. Setup DHL Label Printer

  • To setup the label printer, in the same setup screen click on “Local Features” and click on “PRINTER-DHL Label”.
  • If you are not sure which printer to select you can click on the “PRINTER – Eltron/Zebra” or “PRINTER – FEDEX Thermal Labels” setting and see what printer option is selected in there.
  • Use that same option for the “PRINTER-DHL Label” and click “Update Now.” If a pop up box asks you if it’s a thermal printer, say, “YES.” As of now we will not support printing DHL labels on 8.5×11 sheets.
  • You have to set the label printer individually on each workstation.

3. Setup DHL Insurance

DHL recently changed the way they calculate insurance. Please read this carefully to understand the process of how the rates are calculated. It’s different from the way other carriers are calculating insurance.

  • DHL removed the previous $100 default liability with a per-pound liability
    • Shipments no longer receive $100 of coverage by default
    • Shipments will now have a default coverage of $11.34 per pound
      • A 1 lbs shipment will have $11.34 in coverage by default
      • A 10 lbs shipment will have $113.40 in coverage by default
  • The default coverage and Shipment Value Protection (SVP) are exclusive to one another
    • Default coverage is included by DHL for free. Shipment Value Protection (SVP) is not.
    • The SVP charge varies from other carrier’s calculations
    • The SVP rate is computed at a rate of $0.95 per $100, alternatively defined as 0.95% of the SVP requested
    • The minimum SVP charge is $2.90.
    • The SVP requested is not rounded up to the next $100 before calculation
      • Declared values such as $350, $360, $370 will return different SVP charges
      • The charges are $2.80, $2.88, and $2.96 respectively
  • When you type in the declared value into ShipRite, ShipRite will automatically calculate if the free default coverage will cover that shipment. If that is the case no SVP amount will be passed on to DHL and you will not incur any SVP charges.

The declared value charge will still be added to the shipments retail price, but it will show a $0.00 cost to you.

To set these new rates go to Actions > Table Management > Master Shipping Table > DHL > DHL-INT > Accesorial Revenue > Shipment Value Protection.

You have to manually type in all the new costs.

Default DHL Coverage per pound is $11.34
Minimum SVP Charge is $2.90
% SVP Rate is 0.95.
In the Sell fields you can type in your marked up prices.